Welcome to Beat Massage

Beat Massage is a form of music therapy that combines the healing power of massage with the uplifting beats of fantastic music. It's a fun, otherworldly experience that nourishes the body, mind and soul.
Being massaged in time to your favourite music is simply out-of-this-world and should be added to everyone's bucket list.

About Me

Hi, I'm Wally Potter. I'm an experienced, fully qualified and insured masseuse. I'm proud to say that Beat Massage is my baby.

I'm autistic, which means that my brain processes life and communication a little differently. Aside from the usual challenges that can accompany autism, the condition often grants different abilities that are unique to each person. My own gifts allow me to focus and channel my love for music into an intuitive dance performance that is focused into my hands & shared as an incredible massage... my hands literally dance across a person's back, neck and shoulders.

I adore expressing myself through movement and combining my passions of massage & music has been an incredibly rewarding journey over the years. My work brings so much joy into my life and as a wonderful bonus, I have met so many unique & fantastic people as result of performing all over the world. I look forward to meeting many more.


Beat Massage is a mobile service, I often perform at festivals, clubs, training workshops and private parties.

A massage is given to a customer with their top on (or off, depending on the choice of the customer), sat in an upright massage chair. This allows me to perform publicly without the need for changing rooms and privacy. Being an open performance also adds an element of trust to the service, as onlookers are welcome to observe me work my magic.

The music performed to is played-out through a PA system that is volume matched to the venue, the customer is given a pair of isolating headphones to prevent distractions and bleed-over; especially in festivals, as this allows Beat Massage to be right in the heart of the action without the massage experience being affected by outside noise.

Specific modifications have been made so that the music also vibrates into the massage chair, so that the music can be felt deep within the body, enhancing the overall experience.

I am able to massage to any music genre. I ask the customer to choose a track that would inspire them to want to move and dance, then feed that chosen music into the system.

Beat Massage takes-up little room and can be squeezed-in discreetly into most spaces, being nothing more than myself, the massage chair and a few pieces of electrical equipment. At festivals, I work in a gazibo.

Each Beat Massage performance is for 1 or 2 tracks, depending on how busy I am & my energy levels

I am incredibly passionate about my beat massage performances and I go out of my way to ensure that each of my customers leaves the experience with a smile on their face.

If you have any queries or simply require further details, please get in touch.

I work on a donation system, the customer is free to pay (or not) based upon their overall enjoyment of the experience. I trust people to be honest and generous based upon the sincere gratitude of their heart.

Private Parties
All enquires for private parties are to be negotiated on booking to take into account duration, distance traveled, etc.

If you are an organiser and would like to book me for an event, please get in touch and we can negotiate a price.

Further Information
To discuss my schedule availability and performance methods, please get in touch.